Award-winning artist Kathleen Dawson is an impressionist plein air painter of landscapes, life in the Chilcotin and France. Her equine paintings and wilderness landscapes speak to simpler times. Kathleen’s work is very painterly, conveying much information, energy, emotion and light with as few carefully placed brush strokes as possible.

Kathleen Dawson, Plein Air Painter
Among local and National awards, Dawson was awarded the prestigious 1993 Gold Medal for Le Societe Nationale Des Beaux–Arts Salon Biennale, Paris, France. This exhibition calls for entries from around the world.
Dawson’s works have been shown in over thirty-five galleries, shows and events and are in many collections, both private and corporate. Paintings have been sold to collectors in most of Canada including Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. Her paintings are also in The USA, France, Germany, Japan and Australia.