Drawings & Prints

These drawings are available as prints, as are a selection of Kathleen’s paintings. Prints of these drawings are made as requested on acid free rag paper or your choice of many different archival quality papers and in many sizes. Any number of prints can be ordered, from one to whatever! A portion of the proceeds from all drawing print sales is donated to animal rescue.


Prints of Paintings

Some of Kathleen’s paintings are available in print  if the work is still owned by her and held in her private collection. Once an original is sold the image is no longer available for prints. Kathleen does not paint with the intention of producing prints so some paintings may not  lend themselves well to the printing process. Inquire about getting a print made of any of her works knowing that they  may possibly be available.

Limited Edition Prints

A very limited edition print of the Gold medal award-winning painting “Deer Pass The Dream is There”  are for sale. This is  a beautifully produced reproduction on acid free rag paper, signed by the artist and comes with provenance. This very limited edition printing will not be repeated.

The Dream is There Deer Pass

Deer Pass The Dream is There

Winner of the 1993 Societe Nationale de Beaux Arts Medal  for Excellence at the Biennale, Paris, France

For detailed information and to order your prints please email Kathleen.